ITerraByte addresses the needs of our clients, offering the best quality in the development of solutions and applying the most appropriate methodology for each project. Our processes, based on software engineering, explore the possibilities to optimize business flows, either through automation or restructuring. For us, it is important to maintain a channel of constant communication with our clients and involve them in the decisions of the project, in order to offer security, meet expectations and agreed times. It is our goal to make you feel satisfied with each of the decisions made in the course of the project and reach the highest acceptance standards.
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UAF Portal

The Institute of intercultural studies of the Universidad Javeriana(Cali,Colombia) together with the  Agencia Nacional de Tierras (national land agency, Colombia) have developed a methodology which is responsible for calculating the amount of hectares that must be delivered to a peasant family affected by the armed conflict, for the generation of productive systems based on agriculture and livestock. For this, a Web application has been built. This app automates the methodology, giving the ANT(national land agency, Colombia) the possibility of evaluating the different cases of these families with the variants of the area of the Colombian territory, the products to be produced and the minimum vital space for the living place.

Totemo Portal

One of the objectives of the ITAU Bank is to provide a service that guarantees the security of the information of its clients. Currently, when a user requests a document, it is sent encrypted and can only be viewed after entering an assigned password. However, within the operation of the bank, the process, to be able to include the user in the encryption systems, had to pass through a request to the security area; increasing the response times to the users between, due to the attention of other internal requests. In conjunction with CCD Ingenieros Asociados, a solution that allows Bank Call Center agents to manage users without having to open requests to the security area has been developed; improving the service time of its clients.