Custom software design

Our services

Process optimization

Does your company handle manual processes that take a lot of time and human errors? Let us support you to automate and optimize them, reducing time and improving efficiency.

Custom software

We are ready to support you in the development of all the technology projects you need, from web to mobile apps, according to your needs.

Machine Learning

Do you want to know what direction your company should take but do not know what are the critical points? We are engaged in implementing a machine learning process for decision making based on the experiences of your business.

Software maintenance

Technological maintenance to the current solutions in your company. We take care to identify and correct existing errors, to improve the overall performance of the software.

About us

iTerrabyte is a company specialized in software development. Our main objective is customer satisfaction through the analysis and development of solutions. We are professionals in software engineering and graphic design, ready to cover all the requirements of your projects. We offer a large catalog of technologies, focusing both on quality and timeliness of developments in order to ensure customer satisfaction with the delivered product.

Our technologies

In iTerrabyte, we manage relational database technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB.

Additionally, specialized non-relational database technologies such as MongoDB, Riak, Neo4j, Memcached, HBase and others are managed for specialized projects.

Our designers are specialized in layout technologies such as HTML5, CCS3 and some of their frameworks, ASPX, MVVM, Blade, among others.

Our development team uses software such as JavaScript to manage the page from the browser, ajax and primefaces for integrations with the server.

We have experts in different Back technologies, such as Microsoft .NET (C #, C ++, VB), Laravel (PHP), Java / Java EE, Python and Scala.

For the development of mobile applications, we handle multiplatform tools such as Xamarin and Corona. We also carry out native developments.